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Last updated July 17, 2009.

What is a 'Traditional Drabble'?

The word drabble has come to have a number of meanings on the internet. However, the original definition of a 'drabble' is a short standalone story that is complete in exacly 100 words. 'Snippets' are very, very short stories that have no specified word-count.

Aleera opines...
June 7, 2004

If he says I must share, I... shall. He is my lord; I have sworn to obey -- but I don't have to like it.

Slowly I dip my finger into blood-based perfume and paint my ivory skin with red passion as I plot his seduction. Imagining his long, cool body wrapped around me, his teeth embedded in my neck, my lips swell with longing while my fangs descend; my nipples tauten with desire; molten desire fills me and prepares my opening to welcome the steely shaft of his manhood.

I am the first. I shall always be the first.

June 5, 2004

The hollowness where my heart belongs is gone -- Van Helsing has returned to me, even if he does not recall the past. My missing finger throbs with remembered pain. Oh, how I hate my murderer... and love him too, with a blazing passion that belongs to warm bloods, not vampires. He fights me now, but at the final stroke of midnight the werewolf will take over, and he will be mine. All mine. To use and control as I will for all of eternity! To love and hate equally! If I survive... Beloved, will it be your destruction or mine?

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