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A Hunter in Darkness

June 22, 2006

DISCLAIMER : This poem refers to characters and concepts from the movie "Demon Under Glass," which do no belong to me. /sigh/ No profit has been made from the writing of this poem. It was created expressly for fans of "Demon Under Glass" who can't get enough romantic fanfic about Joe and Simon.

A hunter in darkness,
The future you wish for me.
Moral ambiguity is what I see.
Is conscience no more for you
Than the satisfaction of appetite?
Is morality lost with a vampireís bite?

A hunter in darkness,
You call to me,
The whisper of love a seductive sound,
A tantalizing chain to hold me down.
Iím a doctor, my Hippocratic oath a beacon of Light.
Could my soul survive in eternal Night?

A hunter in darkness,
You whisper to me,
Sweet promises of passion unbounded,
Depths of delight in the folds of Night.
Can love exist when the blood is cold?
Can a heart be bought when the soul is sold?

A hunter in darkness,
You come to me.
Am I your prey? Or a hunter to be?

End of 'A Hunter in Darkness'

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